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Fibershoppe Technologies, Inc. is a supplier of network equipment and fiber optic components. We have inventories available and maintains a level of stock to support the needs of our customers especially urgent requirements.For network equipment, we focus on specific products namely: Media Converters, Ethernet/LAN Extenders & Ethernet Switches. Fibershoppe has well-trained local Support Team to assist our customers should there be any concerns or queries regarding our products.On the fiber optic components supply, we have available stock of fiber patch cords of different kinds and lengths, multi-mode and single-mode. We have stocks of fiber panels, rack mount and wall mount enclosures, loaded with adapters. Available as well on our shelves fiber pigtails and fast connectors. (More of these in detail are found below).Fibershoppe is dedicated to providing quality products reliable & available and helps its customers in providing the right solutions. We have Technical Consultant that can assist you in your network infrastructure designs.


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Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer

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Consumer Electronics: Optical Fiber Products, Security Products, Telecommunication Products


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Supplier Distributor

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< $ 1,000,000



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Engel Aldave


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